Practice Areas

The Barton Law Group, LLC focuses on several different areas of law that include the following:


Our debt collection practice typically relates to our representation of collection agencies and their creditor clients.  Our involvement consists of bringing suit in order to obtain a judgment for an outstanding balance.  Our cases involved unpaid medical bills, small business contract disputes, student loans, title loans, small dollar loans and many others.  We pride ourselves not only on our ability to successfully collect outstanding debts but also on our ability to communicate with our clients.  BLG has an outstanding staff that understands the needs of its clients and provides regular case status updates.  In fact, the majority of our clients that retained us said that they did so based on BLG’s reputation for excellent communication skills.


We defend numerous collection agencies relating to alleged violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).  Our litigation philosophy is to strongly encourage our clients, in the absence of a clear violation, to defend these cases rather than agreeing to quick settlements that include exorbitant attorney’s fees for a plaintiff’s attorney who did very little work.  If not, the propensity to settle will do nothing but entice future suits.  Even when we conclude that a violation occurred, though, we help our clients resolve the case at a lower amount than is being paid by other agencies by still fighting to keep plaintiff’s attorney’s fees to a reasonable amount.  Dennis Barton’s business background informs him that his legal strategies must be cost-effective and that his primary goal must be to add value to his clients’ agencies. 


The Barton Law Group represents landlords of commercial and residential properties in lawsuits regarding lease disputes.  BLG brings rent and possession cases as well as those seeking only back rent.  Our knowledge of both collections law and real estate law improves our ability to reach a maximum outcome for our clients.  In addition to litigation, BLG also consults landlords regarding lease negotiation, lease preparation and other legal and business issues that arise from property management.

LEGAL NOTICE: If you are contacting us regarding a letter we mailed you or a court case that lists us as the attorney representing the opposing party, we are debt collectors attempting to collect a debt. Any communications we have will be in an effort to collect that debt, and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.